Boat Maintenance

Boat Winterisation

Having your boat winterised each year will only protect and maintain the life of your vessel over time. We look after a number of boats moored on the marina in the off season, and as a result we see very fewer problems in the spring when customers wish to take advantage of some early good weather, after the winter lay up.

We provide a methodical winterisation routine that we believe represents great value, and listed below are some of the tasks performed in accordance to your boats requirements.

• Service and winterise engine (s) for winter period
• Check alternator
• Check starter motor
• Pump out domestic fresh water tank (s) and drain water heater system
• Lay up W.C.
• Check & Inspect batteries (we store the batteries during this period and trickle charge)
• Check all stern glands
• General Check on Moorings | Covers, Ropes, ect.

Fees in accordance to requirements | POA

Finding a Marine Engineer

At Leigh Marina our team can help you find the right Marine Service Engineer. As you can imagine there are all types of boat engines. We know and work with specialists in maintaining inboard and outboard engines, both petrol and diesel, as well as servicing Leg Drives as well.

Whatever your engine requirements, we can help. Our Top Tip – to reduce the chances of breakdowns and large repair bills, make sure your engines is services on an annual basis, and it’s often a good idea to book for the Autumn and Winter period, an ideal add-on to the winterisation package, if required. Nevertheless, we are pleased to support you and your engine servicing needs all year round.

  • Cleaning out raw water strainer
  • Greasing gear | throttle control linkages
  • Changing of oil filters
  • Renewing raw water impeller
  • Setting Checks & Changes – Valve Clearances
  • Checking gearbox oil level and fill | change as necessary
  • Checking and replacing air filters | breathers
  • Checking ‘V’ belts and adjusting | replacing as necessary
  • Running up engine report, full report on obvious or potential problems
  • Cleaning of engine bay
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