Boat Cranage & Travel Hoist

It is very possible that damage to a boat, boat lifting equipment or personal injury can result from the failure to follow simple safety guidelines. We take the lifting of boats very seriously, and we want to make sure that our customers are confident that they are in safe hands when it comes to lifting their boat.

For example: The Boat Lift Safety starts with…    NEVER exceed the lift ratings of the Crane or Travel Hoist when lifting a boat. The rated capacity of any lift is the maximum capacity and should never be exceeded at any time.

When lifting a boat the weight calculation must include not only the published weight of the boat, but the weight of fuel, water, and equipment as well. All must be taken into consideration.

Here at Leigh Marina, we don’t subscribe to the myth that you can lift 10% or 20% over that ratings of our lifting equipment without a problem! We pride ourselves in taking care of owners boats, and will not put them at risk by ignoring the safety limits.

Leigh Marina’s Lifting Equipment

○ Travel Hoist Maximum Lift – 13 Tonne
○ Crane – 20 Tonne