Our Mooring and Storage Prices

We believe that simplifying our pricing to a standard rate will avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

73 pence per foot a week for Pontoon Moorings & 65 pence per foot a week for Hard Standing.

Various discount schemes are available for prepaid mooring and storage charges.

Less 5% for three - six months in advance
Less 7% for nine months in advance
Less 10% for yearly in advance

Boat craneage will start from £100.00 (Charges are for each lift)

General yard craneage (Charges are for each lift)

Up to one ton £10.00
One to five tons £20.00
Hire of jet washer £30.00 P/Day
Slippage (Charges are each way) £150.00 + £100.00 per week slipway standing

All prices are quoted net of VAT which will be applied at 20%