Local Attractions

Old Leigh

Old Leigh is where our marina is based. Located next to us are the cockling industries which export their produce all over the world as they are some of the best quality cockles in England. A little further down is the social area of the town boasting a multitude of eateries, pubs and historical outlets. The Boatyard restaurant is an award winning dining experience with a beautiful décor and à la carte menu. The Peterboat is a local pub with a large beer garden directly on the sea wall which has proved its popularity in the summer months. Old Leigh is a very popular tourist destination which is quaint and cultured.


The Broadway

The Broadway is located approximately 10 minute walk from Leigh Marina and hosts all sorts of attractions. Containing a Large variety of retail outlets some of the more famous choices are Gran Moda, Zink, Lemon Fox, etc. Also containing many café’s and Sandwich Bars there is a destination for any occasion. Leigh also has a vibrant nightlife with dining options. Including The Estuary, Irma's Pizzeria, Zabrano's and many more and don't forget about the array of bars and pubs.

Two Tree Island

Two Tree is renowned for its large population and variety of birdlife. It is protected by the National Nature reserve which is home to lots of wildlife other then birds. It is also an area of natural beauty with a large scale of eel grass and inter-tidal mudflats. It is mostly used for bird research as it has such a wide array of birdlife, a few examples of these are: Avocet, Bar-tailed Godwit, Cuckoo, Golden Plover, Grey Heron, Little egret and many more.